Friday, 24 December 2010

Splashing through the Snow

Well tis so hard trying to ride through the snow and ice and frost and raging dogs that has taken me well over a seven night to reach the post box to send this line out.

Amos is suffering deeply with the lurgy. Still trudged to the Quivering Brethren Candle Lit gathering last Sunday. Nearly lost my wits altogether when Adam did light all the candles with his old blow torch.

Still was a passing good service although nobody's shoes caught fire as they did in the famous gathering of 2004.

Well must go now and get the porridge steaming for the Yuletide special dinner.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Nasty Scents

Our wood be so damp now we got no woodshed the front room smell like mushrooms mouldering.

Hard Times

Amos say he see all the bees cold and dead on the outside of the hives. The old owls hooting in the coal dark woods all around and the melting drips drips drips.

Attack of the Wild

Was out standing by the yard gate in the icy dawn and the front door robin flew right into my face. Twas like a sign that Yuletide cheer will stay far from our hovel this year.
All the pots have been cracked in the frost.