Sunday, 8 May 2011

Whither Goosey Gander?

Well the geese have gone an got me all in a right ole tizz. The young goose been foolishly sitting on a whole heap of eggs since April Fools. Too many to hatch we thinks and then today I goes down to the pen and thereby a gosling running about like a right little mommet. Then the old goose takes against the gosling even though it could be their gosling that the young goose hatched on her behalf.

So we have to get the old goose and the gander into the shed where the guineapigs used to live and that be a right palaver, I can tell you, not even the umbrella did the trick.

Amos is unusually cheery, I sense trouble brewing.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Back to the old ways

So Amos done put up a new-fangled gazebo out the back, and where does he put it? Right up against the washing line, that's where.

So I have to go back to the pre-technical days and put all me washing out over the bushes to dry. Does work just as well, except the cats been sitting on our towel for two days and nights and I haven't found the heart to move it off. Still we'll get dry afore midsummer, I do believe.

Gander got me best leg the other day cause I didn't mind to go after him with the brolly for once, so he took advantage.