Friday, 7 October 2011

Something nasty in the woodhenge

Well we just be back from another long roundabout journey. Took the short cut round the top of Salisbury plain. Thought I seen a great bustard but it were only a seagull.

Then we passed sign saying woodhenge. Be cheaper than going to stonehenge I said 'Let us go and treat ourselves to a look round before winter sets in and we have to keep oursells indoors' And who knows, there may be an odd henge of wood just laying there unwanted that we could borrer for the burner or even take back to replace the dear departed woodshed.

But twas a lying sign cos when we did arrive was no woodhenge at all, twas all made of concrete posts like some primeval pinball set up. I was so cross, I could barely contain mysell. Woodhenge indeed! Concretehenge more like.

I blame the National Trust, lying so and so's one and all.