Monday, 31 May 2010

Swarming May

Effie did spy a cloud a bees swarming through the backyard today. I did call the beeman but he say he don't reckon they be his bees. His bees did swarm the other week when I was sick.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

As the Worker said to the Bishop

Amos did return from his daily toil to tell us that he'd been partnered with a Bishop on his shift today, the Diocesan Bishop of Plymouth no less. Well he do go to work today at Bedlam tis true, but this apparent Bishop were another worker not a sad inmate languishing within.

Well I turned round and said to him - we could have started up our own church and call ourselves popes tomorrow if we so mind. This Bishop be just another of that kind. Thee be a bona-fide church warden now and should ha precendence afore self styled dignitaries.

Something Nasty in the Cistern

There be today two titmice drownded in the cistern under the straw shed.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Water Rules

Well where does all the time go, who can say? Seems like months since I could find a moment to so much as sit down.

The other Sabbath we had a little one christened at the meeting. When the party had all cleared off I happened to spy the old verger watering the plant in the porch. He turned round and told me that he had asked the canon what should happen to the rest of the water left after the christening many years ago. The canon had laid down the law that the water must not go outside the church building. So the verger use it to water the church plants now.

Amos be made a churchwarden now and is fuming. But the dead crow in the lane be gone now, only few feathers left to tell the tail.