Saturday, 16 January 2010

So this morning went on tidying the goose pen. Noted two dead frogs in the little pond under the hedge. Another sign of nature's futility and waste.

Then to Emma's bridal at noon in the Church of All Saints. Rained thoroughly and the vicar advised the congregation before the match that the churche's facilities comprised a chemical toilet in a garden shed behind the bell tower. Our nuptials may have occured in a plain non-conformist church but we were blessed with adequate sanitation. Noted a white egret in a field near the farm.

The ringers tolled the bell for the wedding and it all passed without a hitch. Took the opportunity on the journey back to purchase some glue to repair my slippers.

The master be afflicted with cramp and young Effie is daubing her face with apple cider vinegar again.

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