Sunday, 14 February 2010

Darkness Visitable

The light outside the old cowshed has failed. Amos attempted to power up the wind up torch and broke the wind up handle in two, too windy to use candlelight.

Discovered debodied mouse on the hearth this morning. Amos scooped up remnant and flung it over the hedge. Avoided hitting any passing dog walkers, unfortunately.

Effie has spied a single snowdrop.


  1. Tha should ha' buried it in one of the furrows that Reuben had scranletted earlier.

  2. Thas very free with tha shoulds and shouldnas.

  3. Aye, well I be an elder in the Quiverin' Brethren, tha knows. I be always in mind of Amos's poker, though.