Monday, 9 April 2012

Well tis a long weary time since I be able to get mysell out to the posting box. I be afeard to put a foot outside the yard gate since the wild mob were howling in the dusk. But now I do find myself in a quandry. While I been shutting myself in I did wonder about sending a magic lantern slide of the humble abode of the Quivering Brethren. I be concerned about putting the graven images out as maybe folk would think such things were Papish idols and then the folk might attend the gatherings for impure reasons for the niceness and beauty of the building and then we would be in such danger, we may be starting a foot down the slope and afore we know what happens, we would be kissing the papal ring. I did ask the elder and he said he would lay it afore the Lord in prayer over the night and if the fleece be dewy in the dawn then we may send the slide. The mice are disporting in the corn sack and there be a dead fox stuffed inside the badger sett.

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  1. Ye did well, Judith. And I did see 'ee on the small Magic Lantern in the Sitting Room today. 'ee were on Yesterday.