Monday, 10 December 2012

A Cautionary Tale

Folks do say tis the season of merriment and revells so I durst treat mysell down the market. I fished the pond through and dragged out near enough coppers to give over for a batch of they new fangled cloots pegs. But they did splinter to dust in my fingers when I did try to hang the laundry on the barb wire. So I just go back to the old ways and drape the smocks on the thorn bushes.


  1. Ar, so 'tiz true then, when folks say 'tiz the old ways that be the best ways.

    I'll let thicky bramble bushes alone then, ready for dring the sheets when I washes 'em next spring.

  2. Thou oughta tie they clothes onto Feckless, and let 'em dry in the wind. Or hang 'em up afore the Quivering Brethren - all the sobbing and wailing will soon dry em out.