Saturday, 24 April 2010

Busy Week

Well after seeing nary a soul all winter long we are suddenly overcome with visitors all at once. Some young whippersnappers do be making one of they motion pictures down the lane and afore I knew what I was doing, I consented to them keeping a deer in our yard between shots.

And a needlewoman wants to make photographs of her quilting and gardening gloves out the back. The beeman comes and chats away to his old bees. And then to put the cap on it all the Old Gaffer turns up after years and turns around and says 'Is He In'. I take it he means Amos and I turns round and says 'No he be away labouring with the poor folk'

And what does he say? Nothing less than 'I am looking for a spare back wheel if he's got one.'
What termitery! Comes up here begging back wheels from folks like us who barely have two spokes to rub together.

Well he turns round and goes off but this isn't the end because he puts a note through our door asking for a back wheel. Back Wheel, I'd give him back wheel and no mistake!

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