Sunday, 4 April 2010

Monday Thirsty

Well I be having to play catch up now, Monday Thursday we did go down to the meal at the Quivering Brethen hut seeing as how its a special day, any meal a Starkadder gets makes it a special day in these hard times. Well we managed to get us there just in time and what does we find?

The visiting elder a leading of worship on his old guitar. We all had to stand and sing afore we got to any feeding. And he do go on and on and on, he even did start singing I could sing unending songs. Well I nearly did reply I canna sing unendingly on a void and empty stomach after a long days toiling away through the mud.

\It be nearly half hour afore the good food did come. And I did note that the little ones were allowed to sit at the table and draw pictures in place of having to stand up and sing. I think that us grown folk should be allowed to do that in meetings as well as the little ones.

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  1. I like that idea, colouring sheets for all I say!